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Supervision in the Helping Professions


Supervision in the Helping Professions Supervision in the Helping Professionsalt
Peter Hawkins

Open University Press  2007-01-01
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Part One: The supervisee?s perspective

— ‘Good-enough’ supervision

— Why be a helper?

— Continuing to learn and flourish at work

— Being an effective supervisee

Part Two: Becoming a supervisor and the process of supervision

— Becoming a supervisor

— Maps and models of supervision

— The seven-eyed process model of supervision

— Working with difference ? transcultural supervision

— Supervisor training and development

Part Three: Group, team and peer-group supervision

— Group, team and peer-group supervision

— Exploring the dynamics of groups, teams and peer groups

Part Four: An organizational approach

— Supervising networks

— Towards a learning culture

— Developing supervision policy and practice in organizations

— Conclusion: Keeping our hearts and minds open