Collaborative Practice in Psychology and Therapy (Haworth Practical Practice in Mental Health) Collaborative Practice in Psychology and Therapy (Haworth Practical Practice in Mental Health)alt
David A. Pare Glenn Larner
Haworth Pr Inc 2004-02
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* Introduction: Toward an Ethic of Hospitality
* Theory: Beyond Persuasion—Theorizing without Violence
* Chapter 1. Social Construction As Practical Theory: Lessons for Practice and Reflection in Psychotherapy
* Chapter 2. Therapy Theory After the Postmodern Turn
* Chapter 3. Collaboration Within a Pragmatic Tradition: The Psychotherapeutic Legacy of William James
* Chapter 4. Knowing More Than We Can Say
* Chapter 5. On the Way to “Presence”: Methods of a “Social Poetics”
* Chapter 6. Relational Attunement: Internal and External Reflections on Harmonizing with Clients
* Chapter 7. Talking About “Knowing-With” (Like A Team!)
* Chapter 8. A Room of Their Own
* Chapter 9. Young People and Adults in a Team Against Harassment: Bringing Forth Student Knowledge and Skill
* Chapter 10. Knowing-With: Moral Questions of Relationship
* Chapter 11. Countercultural Therapy: An Attempt to Match Pedagogy to Practice
* Chapter 12. Introducing Social Constructionist and Critical Psychology into Clinical Psychology Training
* Chapter 13. Storying Counselors: Producing Professional Selves in Supervision
* Introduction
* Chapter 14. Power, Gender, and Accountability in Supervision
* Chapter 15. Respectful Super-Vision: Avoiding Relational Violence

Furthering Talk: Advances in the Discursive Therapies Furthering Talk: Advances in the Discursive Therapiesalt
Thomas Strong David Pare
Plenum Pub Corp 2003-12
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Table of contents
* Chapter 1 : Striving for Perspicuity: Talking Our Way Forward; Tom Strong and David Par?窺
* Chapter 2 : Levinas: Therapy as Discourse Ethics; Glenn Larner with Peter Rober and Tom Strong.
* Chapter 3 : Acknowledging the Otherness of The Other: Poetic Knowing in Practice and the Fallacy of Misplaced Systematicity; Arlene Katz M. and John Shotter with Jaakko Siekkula.
* Chapter 4 : Narrating the Difference; Johnella Bird with Catherine Cook.
* Chapter 5 : Power, Authority, and Pointless Activity: The Developmental Discourse of Social Therapy; Lois Holzman and Fred Newman with Tom Strong.
* Chapter 6 : A Postmodern Collaborative Approach: A Family’s Reflections on “In-the-Room” and “On-the-Challenge Course” Therapy. It’s all Language; Harlene Anderson and Paul Burney with Sue Levin.
* Chapter 7 : The Client’s Nonverbal Utterances, Creative Understanding & the Therapist’s Inner Conversation; Peter Rober with Glenn Larner and David Par?窺
* Chapter 8 : Discursive Approaches to Clinical Research; Jerry Gale and John Lawless with Kathryn Roulston.
* Chapter 9 : Coming to Terms with Violence and Resistance: From a Language of Effects to a Language of Responses; Nick Todd and Alan Wade with Martine Renoux.
* Chapter 10 : What’s Love Got to do with it? Managing Discursive Positions and Mediating Conflict Within a Heterosexual Love Relationship; Gerald Monk and Stacey L. Sinclair with Craig Smith.
* Chapter 11 : Certainties v. Epiphanies: Forensic Therapies and Adversarial Assessments; Tom Conran with Tom Strong and Bradford Keeney.
* Chapter 12 : Mesmerizing Violent Offenders with a Slice of Life: Drama and Reflexivity in the Treatment of Men who Abuse their Spouses; Bill Hanec with Don Baker.
* Chapter 13 : Radical Youthwork: Creating and Becoming Everyone; Hans Skott-Myhre with Jessica Skott-Myhre, Kathy Skott-Myrhe and Reggie Harris.
* Chapter 14 : Response-Able Practice: A Language of Gifts in the Institutions of Health Care; Christopher J. Kinman and Peter Finck with Lynn Hoffman
* Chapter 15 : Therapy as a Social Construction: Back to Basics and Forward toward Challenging Issues; Sheila McNamee with Lois Shawver.

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