(Free) Floating Anxiety「流動性不安」

“Free Floating Anxiety”または単に”Floating Anxiety”を調べて見ました。



「(Psychiatry) Psychiatry chronic anxiety occurring for no identifiable cause」(識別できない要因に対して発生する慢性的な不安症)


「The terms “floating anxiety” or “free-floating anxiety” are getting increasingly popular nowadays. This concept encompasses a form of anxiety that seems entirely unrelated to circumstances or events. A person suffering from this condition may sometimes live through moments of extreme anxiousness in seemingly random moments of life. Such a person may not even realize their levels of anxiety are high, until they start having occasional panic attacks for apparently no reason at all.

Someone whose anxiety conforms to a floating pattern may soon develop other forms of anxiety. Most commonly, such a person will develop agoraphobia and eventually become unable to leave their homes, for fear of having an episode of acute anxiety. If this is something you can relate with, you need to know you can reclaim your well-being. You may not feel like you have the will-power to turn your life around, but it’s all about taking little steps and heading in the right direction. You won’t overcome your anxiety in a week, but if you remain dedicated to pursuing that goal, you may succeed in the course of a few months.」



不安を主症状とする神経症を、不安神経症といいます。 不安は漠然とした恐れの感情で、誰でも経験するものですが、はっきりした理由がないのに不安が起こり(あるいは理由があっても、それと不釣り合いに強く不安が起こり)、いつまでも続くのが病的な不安です。不安神経症では、この病的な不安がさまざまな身体症状を伴って現れます。 なお、国際疾病分類などでは「神経症」という用語はすでに正式な診断名としては使われなくなっており、従来の不安神経症にあたる診断名は、現在では「パニック障害」か「全般性不安障害」です。 パニック障害は急性・突発性の不安症状が特徴ですが、全般性不安障害は慢性の不安症状が長く続くのが特徴です。パニック障害については次項で述べるので、ここでは全般性不安障害について解説します。