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The following sites are related to Narrative practices, Narrative therapy, Narrative Approaches, Social Constructionists, and so on.


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narrative approaches

Great Resources on Narrative Practices


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Theraputic Conversation

The great faculty: Christine Dennstedt, David Epston, Stephen Madigan, Dave Nylund, Vikki Reynolds, Colin Sanders

There are good reading materials in the section of Course Reading


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‘live’ interactive therapy sessions
‘live’ interactive online supervision (with David Epston and Stephen Madigan)
‘live’ interactive theory/practice webcasts
‘live’ insider and therapist interviews
watch the largest FREE archive of narrative therapy workshops (1990-present)
approved professional CE’s


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Dulwich Centre

“A gateway to narrative therapy & community work”

Good introduction to Narrative Therapy


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The Taos Institute

“The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value.”

The great faculty! I am very much interested in the PhD program.


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Discourse Unit

“Centre for Qualitative and Theoretical Research on the Reprodution and Transformation of Language, Subjectivity and Practice”

You can get a lot of reading material from this site


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